In the midst of Catastrophe…

I typically oppose to battling a private battle publicly. But when I am inspired by something, anything, I feel the need to share.

My family is going through a battle that is trying, but strengthening all in one. This situation has literally caused my family and I to put our lives on hold and cater to the sensitivity that is the present. Even in the midst of our troubles, I noticed the beauty in nature (which made me smile). I literally stopped and took the time to feel and admire these hot pink beauties.

The flower. It’s beauty. It’s simplicity. It’s ability to teach.

They teach us that a small life well lived is far better than a long life badly-lived.

They teach us to scatter mirth and beauty wherever we go.

Arrangement of their petals and leaflets in a systematic way teaches us to lead a systematic and disciplined life.

Their smiles even in thorny surroundings bring home to us the art of living

We should all do more of the things we love. And share these things, to encourage others to do the same. Please keep my family in your prayers.




Simple yet Understated Floral Display


Spider mums are so sophisticated! They’re bold and make a statement that works well in modern decor. Center pieces makes complimentary statements be it at an event or within the home. I made this simple centerpiece for a Wine Station at a Scent Testing event I planned and hosted for Brown Skin Women.

My fruit display didn’t look half bad either ;).


While surfing the fabulous Pinterest boards, I stumbled across these beauties.


Thanks to some Spider Mum research during my studies to become a Certified Interior Decorator at Carmen Veal Interiors, I learnt a few things about the Spider Mum. One important factor being they can last for up to 14 days in floral arrangements.

I hope you find inspiration and great use in this beautiful flower.

Until next time,