DIY Alert | Shawl, Vest or Bikini Cover Up

Who doesn’t love a fashionable creator friendly DIY!? Lately I’ve been wearing cute shawl/cover-ups to complete my outfits and decided to share the how-to.

Here are a few looks

(I’m on the right)


And worn as a bikini cover-up

And here is the quick 1 minute how to:

Happy creating and accessorizing!






Made with Love (literally)…

About six months ago, a friend posted a pic of the most stunning LOVE earrings that I had to have. Sadly, she purchased them from an artist at a festival in Dallas, Texas. This morning I scrolled across a pair on Instagram, and the desire to own a pair struck. So I went searching I found none. Determined to have them and of course by complete habit…this happened:

I posted that pic on my Instagram (@carmenveal) as a peak. And less than one hour later…this happened


The ones I saw were wooden. Which worried me as I imagine them being on the heavy side. I have this fear of drooping earring holes, so I stay far away from any earring with weight. These babies are as light as a feather, and are flexible so when they hit my shoulder they bend slightly.

I love them so much, I decided to retail them. It’s been a while since I added new merchandise to my limited edition boutique on etsy (, so I added these lovely love earrings for only $20 per pair. Now I’m all dressed and ready to head out to run some errands. Wearing my new earrings which I adore.

Until next time,



Jelly handbag…


I am the proud owner of a style bag that I think will be a hot commodity this Spring and Summer. I remember owning jelly shoes as a kid. I didn’t love them then, but I’ve already gone browsing the net in search of some. Hopefully I’ll find a color similar to this adorable mint green jelly handbag from Snatch Shoes. Meanwhile, here are two styles I adore



I wore my jelly handbag today. Although I planned to do so the first day the weather hits 70 degrees. It was only fifty seven degrees today, which was enough. Paired with a top from target and the handbag’s strap as a cinched waist belt, I had a fashionable day!

I’m looking forward to this style around and about.

Until next time…



Mardi Vaz Ticket Giveaway



I am so excited about this giveaway as it highlights an event (in Hartford, CT) I frequent, and absolutely LOVE! I’m excited to share this fabulous Mardi Vaz event is officially on my Art of Living Empowerment Tour preferred events. Not only will I be in attendance, I’ll also be modeling fabulous shoes for Snatch Shoes! I want you there to join in on the fun so, I’m giving away a pair of tickets for a lucky winner to attend with a friend. As a bonus, I’m throwing in one of these fancy mask I decorated by hand :-).


All you need to do is check out my Art of Living Tour by clicking here then comment on this post sharing your thoughts. You MUST leave your email address with the comment so I can contact you. And that’s it! Winner will be selected at random. This blog contest is specifically for a pair of tickets and the pictured mask. But be sure you follow me on Instagram, Twitter and like my Facebook fan page (all under @carmenveal). As I’ll do random Mardi-Vaz ticket giveaways on those outlets as well.

Here are some questions you might want answered:

Q. What is the Art of Living Empowerment tour all about?
A: The Art of Living Empowerment tour’s mission is to empower, inspire and motivate individuals to live as conscious creators of their lives and businesses. Throughout my journey of Founding/Owning four companies since 2009, I have discovered the importance in self-branding. I have successfully reached the five year mark of business ownership and am ready to share my experiences with others. My goal is support and empower 100 individuals throughout the life of the tour.

Q: What is this event and Vaz all about?
A: VAz Feminine Fabulous Fun ~ A Night of Shopping, Pampering, Socializing & Entertainment right here for one night in Hartford, CT! This event in particular is themed Mardi Vaz, New Orleans style. Visit Vaz’s website here.

Q: When and where is the event?
A: Thursday March 20th 4-9pm at the stunning Society room located 95 Pratt Street downtown Hartford, CT.

Q: When does the contest end?
A: Friday March 14th at midnight. Winner will be announced on Saturday 3/15 via email.

Q: What if I don’t want my email publicized?
A: I’ll need to be able to contact you so please do. Once the contest closes, I will disable all comments so your info isn’t sitting around.


That’s all to it! Good luck :-).



Artist at work…


Greeting dolls!

This week has been full of random DIY’ing, planning, preparing and touring. Building hors d’oeuvre food stations for my interior and event decor firm (Carmen Veal Interiors, LLC), making printing and cutting business cards, making dresses, and getting ready for a round-table meetings that kicks off my Art of Living Empowerment tour. This is a week in a life of a serial entrepreneur. Enjoy a few snapshots I’ve shared on Instagram. Until next time,







LOTD | Faux fur


Greetings dolls!

It’s a busy Sunday for me. I had to stop editing video for my So Sew Much virtual sewing studio to meet with a Carmen Veal Interiors client. I’m decorating my first spring wedding and am SO excited!



I wanted to share my signature pieces of today’s fit. This cute faux fur vest (thrifted) and oversized bag from H&M. Interesting enough, I had a real rabbit fur vest from Wilson’s Leather but I gave it away. The thought of wearing a real animal fur gave me chills. As a vegetarian, I felt like the biggest oxymoron choosing to wear an animals fur but not eat it.

I’m back off to the races. Until next time…


Scarf Accessorizing


Greetings dolls!

It’s no secret what the statement piece of my outfit is…my scarf.

You were probably thinking it’s the jacket. While this is true, the scarf is what completes the outfit. Without it the look wouldn’t have worked as well.

It’s the perfect way to make many different colors blend well. This scarf from forever 21, has all the colors in my outfit.

Find inexpensive scarves and tie them in different ways to add character. Or make a trip to the fabric store to purchase sheer and lightweight fabrics that doesn’t fray (or hem up the edges if you can sew) for one of a kind scarves for your collection.

Until next time…