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I am so very excited about this post! My sister Roz (who is also my consultation, manager, personal chef and best friend) is an amazing cook! Anytime our family gathers for dinners, brunches and lunders (lunch and dinner) we do so at her place. This post features her homemade butter that I could not pass up sharing with you all.

The video is pretty self explanatory but to sum it up:

1. Heavy cream
2. Seasoning for flavor (optional)


1. Pour cream into mason jar/container.
2. Shake for 10-11 minutes.
3. Drain buttermilk and butter.
4. Season butter for flavor.
5. Enjoy!

Easy does it and you can now save money and a trip to the grocery store. This DIY is totally amazing and pretty, prim and proper approved.

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Home + Living | My Tasty Shrimp Recipe

On occasion I share pictures of meals I’ve made via social media. I was recently asked to share some of my recipes and thought I’d give yesterday’s dinner a go.

Dinner consisted of shrimp, brown rice & steamed veggies (assorted peppers and asparagus). Ill admit…this was my 1st try at cooking asparagus. It came out just right! My trick was steaming them in my rice cooker while the rice was cooking. I live by this rice cooker…I can cook so many things in it besides rice including pasta, fish and veggies.





For the shrimp…I used the following ingredients



Oil the pan with olive oil then add the vegetable base and seasoned shrimp. I added capers and squeezed fresh lemon juice over the the shrimp just before turning the heat off.

And behold…a healthy tasty dinner!


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DIY tie dye birthday cake

Today is a special day in my home. It’s my daughters 10th birthday. I’m literally a crazy person with a lot to do this week and can’t celebrate until this weekend. I still had to do something special, so we made a tie dye birthday cake. Keep in mind I’m a health freak (seriously I have zero sweets in my pantry), so this is a treat for us all.


I used white cake mix separated into bowls and food coloring for color.






Update: sorry for the very few details provided.
I use two boxes of cake mix and followed the box for instructions for baking. Be sure to use a different spoon/fork to mix each color to avoid mixing and messing up colors. Also, it will work best if your cake is flat, the last image shows the cake with the top cut so its flat. Only apply icing to cake that is cool or else it’ll break apart (if short on time or impatient like I was, put cake right into the freezer for about 30 minutes).

And here is the masterpiece collage