Simple yet Understated Floral Display


Spider mums are so sophisticated! They’re bold and make a statement that works well in modern decor. Center pieces makes complimentary statements be it at an event or within the home. I made this simple centerpiece for a Wine Station at a Scent Testing event I planned and hosted for Brown Skin Women.

My fruit display didn’t look half bad either ;).


While surfing the fabulous Pinterest boards, I stumbled across these beauties.


Thanks to some Spider Mum research during my studies to become a Certified Interior Decorator at Carmen Veal Interiors, I learnt a few things about the Spider Mum. One important factor being they can last for up to 14 days in floral arrangements.

I hope you find inspiration and great use in this beautiful flower.

Until next time,




A Place for Everything


Yesterday I returned home to surprise Munson’s Chocolates in the cutest wrappings.

The chocolates were even cuter…

I am somewhat ashamed to admit all the chocolates are now gone (in my defense I do not like cream filled chocolate so a lot of them were of no use to me). Seriously, this happened…

After tossing the unwanted, that light bulb in my head shined bright. I have SO many small items that I have difficulty keeping up with. Why not give them a home!?


Earring, clothes pins, earring backs, rings–anything small enough to fit, fits! I considered decorating the lid but it’s pretty as is.

I couldn’t be happier with this resourceful nothing to something! There is something for everything guys. Enjoy the rest of your weekend ;-).



Pretty things…


Greetings dolls,

It’s around 5am here in Connecticut and I’m awake working and feeling inspired. Someone somewhere in the world is awake with me so hopefully this blog post reaches you.

I’m planning to decorate my very first wedding as an Event Decorator for my company Carmen Veal Interiors and am beyond thrilled! It’s so fun browsing the net for inspiration and ideas. Like these lace envelopes for wedding invites?

My heart seriously melted! They’re so pretty and prim!

Admiring and enjoying my new designed template for my companies proposals and such–they match my websites decor. Pastel toned green and blue hues…


I adore this pic taken yesterday of me finalizing a proposal while working on my comfy chaise lounge and heated blanket.

Anywho, I’m gonna get back to work. I just felt inspired and wanted to share. I hope you too can find the inspiration and love in all that you do. It’s the little things that makes life sweet ;-).

Until next time XO,


Live Inspired & Free


Good Morning Dolls,

I’m here in my local Starbucks doing absolutely nothing. Literally. I was staring out the window watching stop and go traffic and pedestrians. Thinking. Reflecting. Taking the time to be present. At the start of my week I received what could have been discouraging news, but I refused to be limited by it.

Scrolling through a few pics I shared on my Instagram, life truly is what you make it. So, I’m here to encourage those of you who may need it. And to inspire you to find the love in and embrace the little things. They add meaning to life.

Below are something’s that makes me happy. All are of my home–my oasis. Take the time to embrace what you have, what adds value to your life.

Until next time…

Carmen Veal






DIY | Customized home decor

Today I’m featuring the color scheme through out my apartment: pale jade and mustard yellow.

I’m working on a (close to three-month) major apartment clean and will either toss, reduce or donate a lot of junk I’ve collected over the past few years. Today, I did some recycling and wanted to share some of my new pieces.





Wood, vases from Michael’s, Ferrero Rocher (chocolate treats), and an old iPhone case revamped with decoupage (using scrapbook papers, matte finish mod podge glue, tacky glue and paint). And here you have it folks! (I made the throw pillows and serving tray earlier this year)…



Most of these pieces will be placed in my home office once I’m done completing it. Looking forward to more DIY’s in the very near future.

Until next time…


DIY | Tree decor to die for

Greetings dolls!

I had the pleasure of turning something old into sometime super fun and brand new. Tree trunks spray painted to use in the home as props. The project pretty self-explanatory and easy to follow through pics below.



I found the top two images via google– since I didn’t take before and during pics. The sky is the limit with the color paint you can use for this projects. Here is the big reveal:


Until next time,


New & Improved | Pretty Prim & Proper

cviHappy Sunday!

I (Carmen Veal) am happy to be here– for those of you who do not know, my 4 1/2-year-old site crashed early last week. I lost about 75% of content as a result. I’d have to say it was was one of the most discouraging things I’ve faced to date. However…in every test is a testimony. I was able to hit the restart button and re-brand a vision I’ve been wanting to explore for quite some time. What used to be is now Here I will explore all things excessively decorous including my fashion DIY’s (which is where it all began in 2009) and features of others crafty Creative Jills. Proudly, has a completely new look and feel and serves as my professional brands new home. Pretty Prim & Proper is where I get to play and share fun lifestyle tips, tricks and ideas. Starting with this gorgeous image above (found on, I wanted to start with my love for home decor and color. Enjoy a few tips and money savers to transform your living space.


Spray paint a book shelf in choice of color and stack same colored books in different directions throughout. Add simple plants, pictures, knick-knacks and instantly transform your space.


DIY knick-knacks or buy items from thrift stores and consignment shops. You’ll be surprised by the wide selections of goods you find and money you save.

WI have a special DIY coming up soon. Stay tuned!

Until next time,