A Pop Of Color


I’m oh so in love with the black and white style trend but nothing beats my love for color. The tights did this look justice (in my opinion). Consider working with just one color to compliment a subtle look. Its fun!

Shirt | I made
Skirt from | The Gap
Tights | Betsey Johnson
Shoes | White House Black Market

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New & Improved | Pretty Prim & Proper

cviHappy Sunday!

I (Carmen Veal) am happy to be here– for those of you who do not know, my 4 1/2-year-old site crashed early last week. I lost about 75% of content as a result. I’d have to say it was was one of the most discouraging things I’ve faced to date. However…in every test is a testimony. I was able to hit the restart button and re-brand a vision I’ve been wanting to explore for quite some time. What used to be carmenveal.com is now prettyprimandproper.com. Here I will explore all things excessively decorous including my fashion DIY’s (which is where it all began in 2009) and features of others crafty Creative Jills. Proudly, carmenveal.com has a completely new look and feel and serves as my professional brands new home. Pretty Prim & Proper is where I get to play and share fun lifestyle tips, tricks and ideas. Starting with this gorgeous image above (found on hgtv.com), I wanted to start with my love for home decor and color. Enjoy a few tips and money savers to transform your living space.


Spray paint a book shelf in choice of color and stack same colored books in different directions throughout. Add simple plants, pictures, knick-knacks and instantly transform your space.


DIY knick-knacks or buy items from thrift stores and consignment shops. You’ll be surprised by the wide selections of goods you find and money you save.

WI have a special DIY coming up soon. Stay tuned!

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Home + living | DIY Home office Pt 1

Greetings all,

This project has been planned in my head for quite a while now. I decided to turn my laundry room into my home office.

Here is the start of the office with a desk and accent stand I painted my fav shade of green (Jade).


The project itself is far from over (shelving units, wall art, custom painted rug etc.) but I’ve started with a few essentials.

First is this file organizer I spray painted


And of course a coaster to protect my desk from liquid spills


Here is how I made it:

1. Buy the precut square tile from Home Depot
2. Cut the paper the size of your tile. I used a rotary cutter & pad. Lined the tile to the edge of the paper for a perfect square.
3. Use mod pudge glue and foam brush to apply scrapbook paper. I used one coat on top of the tile…
4. Applied cut paper, then applied another coat of mod podge glue to the top.

5. (Optional) I decided to add a few decals from the scrapbook set. Then applied one more coat of mod podge and let dry.

I hope you guys enjoyed and use this to make your own. All products were purchased from Walmart (long ago since I’m using things I already have in my home). Stay tuned for part 2.

Until next time…

Carmen Veal

DIY tie dye birthday cake

Today is a special day in my home. It’s my daughters 10th birthday. I’m literally a crazy person with a lot to do this week and can’t celebrate until this weekend. I still had to do something special, so we made a tie dye birthday cake. Keep in mind I’m a health freak (seriously I have zero sweets in my pantry), so this is a treat for us all.


I used white cake mix separated into bowls and food coloring for color.






Update: sorry for the very few details provided.
I use two boxes of cake mix and followed the box for instructions for baking. Be sure to use a different spoon/fork to mix each color to avoid mixing and messing up colors. Also, it will work best if your cake is flat, the last image shows the cake with the top cut so its flat. Only apply icing to cake that is cool or else it’ll break apart (if short on time or impatient like I was, put cake right into the freezer for about 30 minutes).

And here is the masterpiece collage