A Place for Everything


Yesterday I returned home to surprise Munson’s Chocolates in the cutest wrappings.

The chocolates were even cuter…

I am somewhat ashamed to admit all the chocolates are now gone (in my defense I do not like cream filled chocolate so a lot of them were of no use to me). Seriously, this happened…

After tossing the unwanted, that light bulb in my head shined bright. I have SO many small items that I have difficulty keeping up with. Why not give them a home!?


Earring, clothes pins, earring backs, rings–anything small enough to fit, fits! I considered decorating the lid but it’s pretty as is.

I couldn’t be happier with this resourceful nothing to something! There is something for everything guys. Enjoy the rest of your weekend ;-).




Home + living | DIY Home office Pt 1

Greetings all,

This project has been planned in my head for quite a while now. I decided to turn my laundry room into my home office.

Here is the start of the office with a desk and accent stand I painted my fav shade of green (Jade).


The project itself is far from over (shelving units, wall art, custom painted rug etc.) but I’ve started with a few essentials.

First is this file organizer I spray painted


And of course a coaster to protect my desk from liquid spills


Here is how I made it:

1. Buy the precut square tile from Home Depot
2. Cut the paper the size of your tile. I used a rotary cutter & pad. Lined the tile to the edge of the paper for a perfect square.
3. Use mod pudge glue and foam brush to apply scrapbook paper. I used one coat on top of the tile…
4. Applied cut paper, then applied another coat of mod podge glue to the top.

5. (Optional) I decided to add a few decals from the scrapbook set. Then applied one more coat of mod podge and let dry.

I hope you guys enjoyed and use this to make your own. All products were purchased from Walmart (long ago since I’m using things I already have in my home). Stay tuned for part 2.

Until next time…

Carmen Veal