In the midst of Catastrophe…

I typically oppose to battling a private battle publicly. But when I am inspired by something, anything, I feel the need to share.

My family is going through a battle that is trying, but strengthening all in one. This situation has literally caused my family and I to put our lives on hold and cater to the sensitivity that is the present. Even in the midst of our troubles, I noticed the beauty in nature (which made me smile). I literally stopped and took the time to feel and admire these hot pink beauties.

The flower. It’s beauty. It’s simplicity. It’s ability to teach.

They teach us that a small life well lived is far better than a long life badly-lived.

They teach us to scatter mirth and beauty wherever we go.

Arrangement of their petals and leaflets in a systematic way teaches us to lead a systematic and disciplined life.

Their smiles even in thorny surroundings bring home to us the art of living

We should all do more of the things we love. And share these things, to encourage others to do the same. Please keep my family in your prayers.




Home + Living | Window Surgeon


This was such a fun project! Carmen Veal Interiors was hired to re-upholster an old outdated valance with a fresh stylish makeover. Once my client decorates the space surrounding the window, I’ll share the gorgeous new valance that already made the room look like a million bucks. She absolutely loved it and titled me a window surgeon :-). Enjoy some pics below.





Until next time, happy creating…



Home + Living | Homemade Butter



I am so very excited about this post! My sister Roz (who is also my consultation, manager, personal chef and best friend) is an amazing cook! Anytime our family gathers for dinners, brunches and lunders (lunch and dinner) we do so at her place. This post features her homemade butter that I could not pass up sharing with you all.

The video is pretty self explanatory but to sum it up:

1. Heavy cream
2. Seasoning for flavor (optional)


1. Pour cream into mason jar/container.
2. Shake for 10-11 minutes.
3. Drain buttermilk and butter.
4. Season butter for flavor.
5. Enjoy!

Easy does it and you can now save money and a trip to the grocery store. This DIY is totally amazing and pretty, prim and proper approved.

Until next time,


A Place for Everything


Yesterday I returned home to surprise Munson’s Chocolates in the cutest wrappings.

The chocolates were even cuter…

I am somewhat ashamed to admit all the chocolates are now gone (in my defense I do not like cream filled chocolate so a lot of them were of no use to me). Seriously, this happened…

After tossing the unwanted, that light bulb in my head shined bright. I have SO many small items that I have difficulty keeping up with. Why not give them a home!?


Earring, clothes pins, earring backs, rings–anything small enough to fit, fits! I considered decorating the lid but it’s pretty as is.

I couldn’t be happier with this resourceful nothing to something! There is something for everything guys. Enjoy the rest of your weekend ;-).



Pretty things…


Greetings dolls,

It’s around 5am here in Connecticut and I’m awake working and feeling inspired. Someone somewhere in the world is awake with me so hopefully this blog post reaches you.

I’m planning to decorate my very first wedding as an Event Decorator for my company Carmen Veal Interiors and am beyond thrilled! It’s so fun browsing the net for inspiration and ideas. Like these lace envelopes for wedding invites?

My heart seriously melted! They’re so pretty and prim!

Admiring and enjoying my new designed template for my companies proposals and such–they match my websites decor. Pastel toned green and blue hues…


I adore this pic taken yesterday of me finalizing a proposal while working on my comfy chaise lounge and heated blanket.

Anywho, I’m gonna get back to work. I just felt inspired and wanted to share. I hope you too can find the inspiration and love in all that you do. It’s the little things that makes life sweet ;-).

Until next time XO,


Live Inspired & Free


Good Morning Dolls,

I’m here in my local Starbucks doing absolutely nothing. Literally. I was staring out the window watching stop and go traffic and pedestrians. Thinking. Reflecting. Taking the time to be present. At the start of my week I received what could have been discouraging news, but I refused to be limited by it.

Scrolling through a few pics I shared on my Instagram, life truly is what you make it. So, I’m here to encourage those of you who may need it. And to inspire you to find the love in and embrace the little things. They add meaning to life.

Below are something’s that makes me happy. All are of my home–my oasis. Take the time to embrace what you have, what adds value to your life.

Until next time…

Carmen Veal






Home + Living | The Ultimate Indoor House Plant

I’ve murdered many plants in my life. So it warms my heart to create a post about one that I have a beautiful bond with. My Peace Lily…or Spathiphyllum Plant.

Let me start by sharing: this plant is such a joy to have around and SO easy to care for. Mainly because it lets you know when it’s in need of hydration. Yep, the telltale sign:


Drooping leaves. Add water to the soil and within the hour it’ll sprout back to life again.


Now lets talk about why I REALLY adore this plant. These oh so adorable flowers or “Lillies” that bloom mostly in the Spring months. And the reason behind this post:


Its been over a year since my Peace Lillie’s have shown their pretty faces. And, excitedly enough, its WINTER time and not one but two of these beauty’s appeared.

Another super awesome fact about the Peace Lilly:
This tropical plant breaks down and neutralizes toxic gases like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide inside its pores. While we all appreciate cleaner, oxygenated air, it’s also the easy Peace Lily care, resiliency and forgiving nature that makes them such popular house plants.

A plant that’s easy to care for, great for improving indoor air quality and is a sight to see!? Instant winner in my book. Purchased for less than $10 at Walmart about three years ago. I give this plant a 5 star rating for my Carmen Veal Interiors clients, and one looking to add life to any room!

Until next time,