The “i” in team…

…is in “Leadership”.

As the CEO of Carmen Veal Headquarters and now leading a team of staff who works hard at helping me further build my dreams, I am compelled to share a few things. Things I now feel comfortable sharing, as this month makes 5 years that I’ve been in business. Anyone (literally anyone) can start a company and work alone. And anyone (literally anyone) will fail if they do not possess some very basic self skills. I won’t get into a long list of necessities, but I will explore the most important one: Leadership.

As quoted from this very book:

“Leading yourself is no easy task. It takes self discipline, planning, and the opportunity to get the job done. But leading the team is different – and much more difficult. It starts with a better understanding of basic human nature.”

In summary, it starts with self awareness, self-love and self care–necessities for understanding oneself. My background in Psychology is the essence of my understanding of self, and in return, others. It has helped me realize that no matter what someone else does, it is my obligation to respect that very thing. This doesn’t mean I have to like their decisions, but I have to accept them for what they are. This way I am able to effectively deal with them. Honestly and respectfully. This way my team members are receptive to my advices, allowed the opportunity to share their truths and openly explore everyone’s strengths and weaknesses.

So when leading a team, self awareness and respect for others are core elements which allows certain leadership qualities:

1. Building a stronger authentic connection.
2. Self confidence that inspires.
3. Self Awareness that allows the ability to meet the needs of the team.
4. Ability to lead the team strategically.
5. Allowing moments of victory during the journey.

There is no “i” in team but their is one in leadership. It starts, finishes and ends with the guidance of the team lead. A journey and humbling experience that helped me realize ego and pride are the enemy of effective leadership and teamwork. And so I’m here, sharing what I have discovered in year 5. I am nothing without an effective team. I have worked with others in the past which ended poorly. No detail as to how and why but…”the greatest destroyer of a championship team is a weak person who should not be on that team.”

Today I was reminded how and why my personal qualities influences a strong team:

The highest compliments leaders can receive are those that are given by people who work for them– James Barksdale

I am thrilled to share one of my team members, my Director or a Marketing, gave me this book as a gift a few days ago. Confirmation that we are all on the right track. It’s titled Teamwork makes the Dream Work by John C Macwell.

Until next time…Xo



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