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I am so very excited about this post! My sister Roz (who is also my consultation, manager, personal chef and best friend) is an amazing cook! Anytime our family gathers for dinners, brunches and lunders (lunch and dinner) we do so at her place. This post features her homemade butter that I could not pass up sharing with you all.

The video is pretty self explanatory but to sum it up:

1. Heavy cream
2. Seasoning for flavor (optional)


1. Pour cream into mason jar/container.
2. Shake for 10-11 minutes.
3. Drain buttermilk and butter.
4. Season butter for flavor.
5. Enjoy!

Easy does it and you can now save money and a trip to the grocery store. This DIY is totally amazing and pretty, prim and proper approved.

Until next time,



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