Pretty things…


Greetings dolls,

It’s around 5am here in Connecticut and I’m awake working and feeling inspired. Someone somewhere in the world is awake with me so hopefully this blog post reaches you.

I’m planning to decorate my very first wedding as an Event Decorator for my company Carmen Veal Interiors and am beyond thrilled! It’s so fun browsing the net for inspiration and ideas. Like these lace envelopes for wedding invites?

My heart seriously melted! They’re so pretty and prim!

Admiring and enjoying my new designed template for my companies proposals and such–they match my websites decor. Pastel toned green and blue hues…


I adore this pic taken yesterday of me finalizing a proposal while working on my comfy chaise lounge and heated blanket.

Anywho, I’m gonna get back to work. I just felt inspired and wanted to share. I hope you too can find the inspiration and love in all that you do. It’s the little things that makes life sweet ;-).

Until next time XO,



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