Home + Living | My Tasty Shrimp Recipe

On occasion I share pictures of meals I’ve made via social media. I was recently asked to share some of my recipes and thought I’d give yesterday’s dinner a go.

Dinner consisted of shrimp, brown rice & steamed veggies (assorted peppers and asparagus). Ill admit…this was my 1st try at cooking asparagus. It came out just right! My trick was steaming them in my rice cooker while the rice was cooking. I live by this rice cooker…I can cook so many things in it besides rice including pasta, fish and veggies.





For the shrimp…I used the following ingredients



Oil the pan with olive oil then add the vegetable base and seasoned shrimp. I added capers and squeezed fresh lemon juice over the the shrimp just before turning the heat off.

And behold…a healthy tasty dinner!


Until next time 😉




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