DIY tie dye birthday cake

Today is a special day in my home. It’s my daughters 10th birthday. I’m literally a crazy person with a lot to do this week and can’t celebrate until this weekend. I still had to do something special, so we made a tie dye birthday cake. Keep in mind I’m a health freak (seriously I have zero sweets in my pantry), so this is a treat for us all.


I used white cake mix separated into bowls and food coloring for color.






Update: sorry for the very few details provided.
I use two boxes of cake mix and followed the box for instructions for baking. Be sure to use a different spoon/fork to mix each color to avoid mixing and messing up colors. Also, it will work best if your cake is flat, the last image shows the cake with the top cut so its flat. Only apply icing to cake that is cool or else it’ll break apart (if short on time or impatient like I was, put cake right into the freezer for about 30 minutes).

And here is the masterpiece collage



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